Red Priority 1 - Life threatening injury Yellow Priority 2 - Potential
life threatening injury
green Priority 3 - Walking wounded blue Dead.

The two and a half day STUDENT COURSE consists of pre-and postcourse tests, core content lectures, case presentations, discussions, development of life-saving skills, performance of technical procedures, and a final performance proficiency evaluation. Upon completion of the course, doctors should feel confident in implementing the trauma skills taught int his course.


The course covers:
1. Airway and Ventilatory Management
2. Shock
3. Thoracic Trauma
4. Abdominal Trauma
5. Head Trauma
6. Spine and Spinal Cord Trauma
7. Extremity Trauma
8. Injuries Due to Burn and Cold
9. Paediatric Trauma
10. Trauma in Women
11. Stablisation and Transport
CPD Points: 50

Four years after completing the Student Course, course participants are advised to verify by attending a STUDENT REFRESHER COURSE. This course usually runs over a period of one day, or candidates may attend the relevant sections of the Student Course. The Student Refresher Course ensures that the student remains up to date with current trauma management principles at all times.
CPD Points: 19

The one-day or one and a half day INSTRUCTOR COURSE is designed for the outstanding doctor participants of the ALTS® Student Course. This is by invitation only. The Instructor Course consists of a variety of teaching - how - to - teach components that are directly related to the ALTS core content:

1. Principles and philosophies of teaching the course,
2. Lecture techniques
3. Skills-teaching techniques
4. Group discussion techniques
5. Critiquing skills
6. Microteaching sessions
7. Initial Assessment skills teaching, and management of various students' behaviours.
CPD Points: 13

The American College of Surgeons Committee on Trauma developed the current ATLS course in accordance with the College's outstanding dedications to improvement of care for the surgical patient.
The Trauma Society of South Africa respects these principles and has undertaken to promulgate this course according to the American College of Surgeons doctrine and to the benefit of the victims of trauma.